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4 Critical Elements of a Cost of Sales Dashboard

Posted on February 19, 2014 by Su Fan in Blog,Finance & Accounting

With an ever-changing marketplace, what is the best way to stay on top of your telco operation to make sure it remains stable, adaptable, and profitable? There are 4 key elements in a COS dashboard that clearly measure important metrics, and help you to identify risks or issues that could be eroding your business and your profits.

1. Margin Variance Analysis

This report provides a month-to-month comparative analysis on business margins. Armed with this information, managers can look for slippage against goals and isolate potential problems that must be rectified. If a price change has reduced margins, for example, this report will quickly identify the issue and help you to adjust where necessary.

2. Top 10 Customers and Vendors

This comparative report will examine your most important customers and vendors from a month-to-month perspective. Nourishing and cultivating relationships with your key trading partners is essential to sustaining your business. This report will help you to look for any trends that are positive as well as negative.

3. Dispute Management

Any situation where a dispute with a vendor occurs can be costly for your business as well as the vendor’s business. This report will outline the amount of the disputes, the current status or history of disputes that are won or lost, and the win percentage. This will help you to identify trading partners that may need more serious discussions.

4. Least Cost Routing (LCR) Margin Report

In the telecom industry, an accurate and updated LCR report can mean the difference between profits or serious losses for the business. This report presents traffic, revenues, costs, and margins by destination. You can then find your more profitable routes and find those that need to be evaluated or renegotiated.

Assembling these dashboard reports for a business review can take the most effort. The data from the reports can lend valuable insight into your business performance as well as point out areas that can be improved. Choose a partner that has the domain expertise to develop these dashboards and to provide ongoing analyses and insights.

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