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Top 12 FAQs about partnering with Rimhub

I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you at conferences such as the PTC, ITW, and Comptel Plus over the last few years.  At these events, I’ve frequently been asked how partnering with Rimhub works.  For the benefit of all, I’ve compiled a list of the top 12 FAQs and answers. 1.  I’ve never outsourced before.  How does it work with Rimhub? When you outsource to Rimhub, we become an adjunct to your in-house team.  We interact with Read More

Emerging growth areas in the world of outsourcing

I had the opportunity to attend The 2014 Outsourcing World Summit which was organized by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) last week in Florida. It was an event that brought together 3 parties – customers who outsource, providers who provide outsourcing services such as Rimhub, and advisors of outsourcing. As a rookie attending the summit, I was excited at the prospect of meeting potential new customers, learning and exchanging ideas with other providers, and hearing thought-leaders from the Read More

4 Critical Elements of a Cost of Sales Dashboard

With an ever-changing marketplace, what is the best way to stay on top of your telco operation to make sure it remains stable, adaptable, and profitable? There are 4 key elements in a COS dashboard that clearly measure important metrics, and help you to identify risks or issues that could be eroding your business and your profits. 1. Margin Variance Analysis This report provides a month-to-month comparative analysis on business margins. Armed with this information, managers can look for slippage against Read More

5 Surefire Ways Telcos can Increase Gross Margins

Any business will always be concerned with its bottom line. You want to maximize profits and minimize expenses. Check out the five surefire ways for any telco organization to increase gross margins.   1. Optimizing Least Cost Routing (LCR) If using LCR is one of the strategies to minimize your costs, then you must ask your organization how effective they are in utilizing this tactic. Here are some questions to ask:   Are they optimally routing traffic across vendors with Read More

7 Best Practices for a Great Telco Audit

To help reduce your overall cost of sales, you can take a few simple steps to get things taken care of and organized in a timely fashion. Consider the following seven steps to help prepare you for conducting one of the best telco audits around. Store All of Your Invoices in a Centralized Repository When it comes time to prepare for a telco audit, the most important thing is having all of your information in one location. You should have Read More

What the Rimhub Blog can Teach You about Playing Better Golf

Well, actually our blog won’t help you be a better golfer. It may, on the other hand, give you some useful info and insights to chat about from tee to green. Not so much how to improve your handicap, or keep from slicing the ball off the tee, but important things, nevertheless. Think of the Rimhub blog as your very own caddie shack of useful info, practical advice, insights, tips and strategies. The conversation here is aimed at helping the Read More