Automated and swivel chair solutions for complex and multi-step VoIP subscriber migrations


Client Profiles:

Momentum Telecom and Alteva are leading providers of unified communications services to businesses across the U.S.


The Situation:

Momentum needed to consolidate its BroadSoft-based network elements and required migration of tens of thousands of live subscribers from one network cluster to another.

Alteva had the opportunity to bring on thousands of subscribers from another platform to their BroadSoft-based service cluster.

Both companies required migrations to occur on a strict timeline and minimal service disruption to their customers.



To migrate the heavy volume of lines for Momentum, Rimhub created an automated process by developing a custom application that retrieved key subscriber data through API access from the source BroadWorks® system and integrated that as an input to its OSS/BSS systems. This application would then later synchronize subscriber service data between the source and target platforms, such that a migrated user (Momentum customer) noticed no difference in their service behavior after transitioning to a completely new platform.

For Alteva, a swivel chair approach was utilized. Rimhub’s team of BroadWorks® provisioning experts executed source data gathering, targeted system data entry and service setting synchronization across sites, locations, groups and users, with a validation process on every migrated account. Rimhub’s team then completed the process by flipping the switch to authorize, port, and activate the phone numbers on the day of migration.

In both cases, the migrations took place during US off hours to minimize potential service interruptions to Momentum and Alteva’s customers.


The Results:

Rimhub’s automated application allowed Momentum’s subscriber migrations to become a push-button, multi-hundred line, automated process with extremely low error rates and complex feature synchronizations. On average, a 100-line enterprise was processed by the application in less than 5 minutes.

Rimhub’s experienced BroadWorks®-certified provisioners migrated several thousand subscribers (their groups & features) monthly via an efficient swivel chair process which included validation overlay and day-of number activation.


Client Speak:

“Rimhub was critical in the success of our subscriber migration efforts between VoIP platforms. Their knowledge of BroadSoft’s products and quick ramp-up with our internal workflow systems helped make a complicated challenge into a repeatable, deterministic process that won praise across the organization, and greatly helped my team’s workload in meeting our deadlines with measurable quality.” — Auri Vizgaitis, VP of IT & Software Development, Momentum Telecom


“Let me say the support and quality of the services the Rimhub team has been providing Alteva has been without question incredible. The migrations have been proceeding with no issues to speak of and have provided a level of confidence to our customer that will ensure continuation of this project.” — David Vitt, VP of Operations, Alteva

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    "Rimhub IT staff are an important extension of our core team and allow PTGi to run global IT operations efficiently on a day-to-day basis. The team is responsive, diligent, and willing to go above the call of duty to make sure our IT operations are maintained at the highest level." Client VP of IT