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What the Rimhub Blog can Teach You about Playing Better Golf

Posted on January 30, 2014 by Su Fan in Blog

Well, actually our blog won’t help you be a better golfer. It may, on the other hand, give you some useful info and insights to chat about from tee to green. Not so much how to improve your handicap, or keep from slicing the ball off the tee, but important things, nevertheless.

Think of the Rimhub blog as your very own caddie shack of useful info, practical advice, insights, tips and strategies. The conversation here is aimed at helping the C-Suite take the slice out of their operating expenses while increasing EBITDA, and improving cash flow.

We’ve played quite a few rounds and gained valuable experience playing the following types of courses (ahem, practice areas):


  • Managed Services: managed network, service delivery, finance & accounting
  • Retail Areas: service delivery, fraud management, app software development
  • Wholesale Carriers: NOC services, network provisioning, COS management

So, whether you’re looking to take your telecommunications company to the next Masters level of cost of sales management, or as a cable company looking to be crowned the U.S. Open champ of NOC services, we invite you to join our leader board (ahem, subscribe to the Rimhub Blog) – where only those chasing birdies and eagles dare venture.

The articles we plan to share weekly on our blog will not only help show you the way to improve your company’s financial and operational performance, they will also help you keep abreast of trends for personal and business finance as well. Heck, we may even throw in some key tips on course management – strike that – on operational leadership within your specialized domain.

And that, we believe, can help take a few bogies off your score card!

Time, as we know, is the one resource we don’t get back and can’t recover once it’s gone. Wouldn’t it be great to spend more of it smacking that little white ball around, or in bouncing the grandchildren on your knee?
We think so.

Welcome to the Rimhub blog. Now go on, make that next tee time.

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