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IP Center of Excellence (COE)

Rimhub is a pioneer in IP Support services, specializing in products and services offered by BroadSoft, Inc (BSFT); a telecom industry leader in providing VoIP application server solutions. Rimhub’s IP COE is a growing practice comprised of more than a dozen BroadSoft-certified engineers, making the largest dedicated services group outside of BroadSoft itself.

Whether you’re a service provider focusing on the consumer or the enterprise segment, Rimhub’s IP COE can assist your organization across a wide spectrum of services, at various capacities, to address your business needs and revenue growth; including but not limited to platform/subscriber migrations, scaling, niche development, process execution, re-imagining products, and mobility.

IP COE portfolio offerings:

  • Custom Apps Development

    A critical aspect in increasing revenue growth surrounding IP service offerings is value-added applications. BroadSoft’s BroadWorks® provides comprehensive Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that allow countless applications to be built and integrated into communications products. For example, offering a custom portal with a mobile-friendly view would allow customers to self-service and reduce your support calls and costs. Additionally, adding a capability to an existing portal to easily build and manage auto attendant features makes small and medium sized business (SMB) customers more effective in using your service. Rimhub’s IP COE can help identify opportunities, suggest solutions, and quickly develop prototypes. When you engage our service, we ensure that you are kept abreast of each stage of the process from the very beginning to the final delivery of your concept into reality. Well-versed in telco requirements surrounding redundancy, security and scalability, we bring decades of programming experience around communication APIs and applications integration.

  • Platform / Subscriber Migrations

    Rimhub’s BroadWorks® certified experts have successfully completed IP platform installations, migrations (e.g. M6, Cisco, etc.), and upgrades (including release upgrades, patch management, network and hardware reconfiguration, and network deployment) for other telecom providers. Additionally, Rimhub has extensive experience with subscriber migrations whether for subscriber data or for features

  • IP-PBX Fraud Management 

    PBX fraud is a constant threat to IP service providers. Within a few hours, hundreds of thousands of dollars can be lost if a softswitch or application server subscriber account is compromised. International, premium service, and top fraudulent destinations calls are just some of the ways this can happen. Rimhub offers a comprehensive fraud management service to protect providers from IP-PBX fraud. Two core components of our fraud management service are real-time & usage history monitoring and quick remediation. Rimhub’s fraud management specialists use the best-in-class surveillance tools to help protect clients against profit losses. We proactively monitor fraudulent activities, analyze calls’ fraud score, cross-check subscriber usage and billing history, proactively reach out to a subscriber and if necessary, temporarily block service. Rimhub’s fraud management service leverages tested and proven processes to ensure fraud risks are minimized so our clients can have a peace of mind. “PABX fraud is the largest fraud type, accounting for global losses of around US$4.96 billion per annum.” – Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA)

  • Service Provisioning

    Fast and efficient new customer activation process is critical to turning sales into revenue streams. Additionally, new product offerings, sales churn and system maintenance are also factors impacting revenue and require meticulous management. Rimhub has teams of experienced engineers dedicated to managing service provisioning systems. We take new orders, run them through our client’s workflow and resolve issues along the way, to ensure that the time spent in provisioning a new set of lines is minimal.

    Having managed provisioning systems for global service providers, Rimhub’s telco focus and domain expertise allows us to substantially reduce cost, streamline processes, and free up our client’s resources while ensuring an outcome and SLA driven provisioning managed service is a compelling offer to any telco executive.

  • NOC Services

    Your NOC powers your IP service and keeping it running consumes a vast amount of time and resources. Rimhub’s managed network services include NOC offering which focuses on reducing your operation costs, while improving your profitability, network quality & reliability, and customer experience. Our network support team of SIP engineers monitor for alerts, perform system maintenance, and patch & upgrade your softswitch, application server and SBC appliance as well as troubleshooting around service and device operations. Clients currently use our NOC service for offerings based on BroadSoft, Veraz, AcmePacket and Cisco products. Our certified engineers routinely check for and manage BroadSoft’s BroadWorks®, provide support for a carrier’s entire deployment of Polycom SIP phones as well as check & resolve issues around softswitch circuits via secure remote connections into various NOCs worldwide.

    “The best BroadSoft outside of BroadSoft”

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    "Rimhub IT staff are an important extension of our core team and allow PTGi to run global IT operations efficiently on a day-to-day basis. The team is responsive, diligent, and willing to go above the call of duty to make sure our IT operations are maintained at the highest level."
    --Client VP of IT