Finance & Accounting

Global telecommunication companies have benefited from Rimhub’s Finance & Accounting (F&A) practice. Our company practice specializes not only on transactional F&A processes at the operational level, but also high-value financial reporting and decision support systems that deliver impact to clients at a strategic level as well. Our cost-effective, end-to-end F&A solutions cover the entire range of F&A functions and drive down significant General and Administrative costs, while offering guaranteed bottom line results for our clients.


  • Corporate Finance
    • Budgeting and Forecasting (P&L, Capex, Cash Flow)
    • Business Modeling and Analyses (Variance, Ratio, etc.)
    • Management Reporting
  • General Accounting
    • General Ledger (GL) Accounting and Financial Reporting

      At Rimhub we combine a deep understanding of financial accounting and reporting with a broad knowledge of telecom-related business processes, technologies, and best practices. Citrix based applications are used to access remote databases, while customized web-based applications are used to support various diversified business units. The analytics and best practices skill sets honed by our team helps provide timely, value-added analysis that complements the budgeting decisions of our clients. We consolidate performance information across various business units, and follow up with the business owners to understand and comment on key variance drives with reference to plans and monthly/quarterly/annual time frames. Our range of services includes Close Management, Statutory/GAAP Adjustments, Consolidation, Trial Balance Analysis, and Internal/External Reporting.

    • Accounts Receivable (A/R)

      Benefit from reduced A/R adjustments and bad debt write-offs by outsourcing all your A/R activities to Rimhub. Our services in A/R include dispute resolution, customer aging and collections management, cash application processing, cash forecasting & reporting.

    • Accounts Payable (A/P)

      Rimhub has developed operational excellence in A/P operations through a step-by-step approach of process stabilization and standardization. Lifecycle sub-processes supported by our team include invoice processing, audit and resolution, invoice and payment approvals, vendor statement validation with purchase orders, payments and check processing, 1099 reconciliations and reporting.

  • Cost of Sales Management & Revenue Assurance

    Cost of sales is the single highest cost component for our clients, and therefore, offers the highest potential increase in profitability even with a slight improvement in this cost component. Most telecom vendors frequently have billing errors which are identified by Rimhub staff and the billing disputes are filed and resolved on behalf of our clients. Rimhub develops and implements customized processes that minimize cost-of-sale components and maximize gross margins, while providing key decision support input for product mix, pricing, marketing promotions, sourcing and product launches.

  • Risk Management & Compliance

    As companies face growing scrutiny of their risk management processes by regulators, Rimhub is uniquely positioned to help businesses properly manage risks with our in-depth knowledge and industry-leading compliance tool sets. Rimhub helps protect your company by monitoring, identifying and proactively addressing risks and opportunities to safeguard the value created by and for your business, customers, and stakeholders. Our risk management and compliance services are an excellent complement to any company’s corporate governance organization.

    • Audit Support (statutory, internal, SOX)
    • PCI Compliance
    • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Due Diligence for M&A

    The resurgence of M&A activity requires companies seeking to grow by acquisition to make sure that they take a critical look at the full ranges of business and financial issues in any contemplated transaction. Knowing how to manage the financial, strategic and people challenges that are bound to arise can greatly enhance the chances of success of the M&A transaction. Important to the due diligence process is to ensure it is being executed by industry specialists who understand the business and are conversant with key operational and financial aspects of the business.

    Rimhub has decades of collective experience and expertise in M&A activities – as buyers and partners in the process. Not only do we perform the traditional tasks of market assessment and understanding the competitive landscape and positioning, but we also identify key operational, financial, sales and marketing gaps in the target and benchmark them, with the goal of defining revenue risks and opportunities in pre/post-close scenarios.

  • Billing Operations & Support

    Rimhub is active in all aspects of residential, enterprise, and wholesale billing – from rate table setup and maintenance to running multiple billing cycles, streamlining and integrating enterprise wide billing and collections – which directly impact customer satisfaction, and improve cash flow for our clients.

  • Fraud Intrusion Detection & Prevention

    An effective telecom fraud management process is increasingly becoming a critical element in determining whether a telecom carrier is successful or not. Rimhub’s fraud management team is skilled in managing and preventing all areas of potential fraud – subscription fraud, online fraud, merchant fraud, network fraud, PBX hacking, casual calling fraud, etc. They work closely with product development and marketing in delivering fraud management solutions that facilitate the go-to-market strategy, while keeping a close watch on potential fraud using robust, flexible toolsets and clearly defined processes.

    Some carriers market to a customer base known to have a higher incidence of fraud, and specialize in terminating traffic to high fraud countries and regions. By taking on traffic others are unwilling to accept, and embracing customers outside the marketing plan of competitors, these companies have created new opportunities. This would be possible only with an effective telecom fraud management process. This is where Rimhub comes in, and takes the pain of fraud management away from carriers, so that they can focus on growing top line revenues.

    By reducing the financial losses and resource utilization caused by fraud, Rimhub’s fraud control team plays a key role in shoring up margins, allowing the carrier to compete more effectively and profitably. Experienced, well-trained staff, access to current fraud data, and a powerful fraud management system are important tools in Rimhub’s fraud prevention arsenal.

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    "Rimhub IT staff are an important extension of our core team and allow PTGi to run global IT operations efficiently on a day-to-day basis. The team is responsive, diligent, and willing to go above the call of duty to make sure our IT operations are maintained at the highest level." Client VP of IT