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Speech Analytics

Rimhub has partnered with CallMiner, a leading cloud-based conversational analytics solution provider for improving agent performance across all contact channels – voice, social, email, chat. Unlike complex analytics that require a sophisticated fulltime analyst, CallMiner’s Eureka solution pushes actionable insights directly to the people who need and can act on the data, from the VP who manages contact centers and/or BPOs, the Supervisor who manages a team of agents, and to Agents themselves. The Eureka solution is tailored for improving sales effectiveness, driving positive customer experience, and for monitoring compliance.

Managed Analytical Services

Through CallMiner, Rimhub offers ongoing support from an experienced analyst supported by a services team. The analyst partners with your internal team to provide contact analytics program development, analysis services, reporting, and action recommendations on your contact analytics initiatives. The service includes collaboration to establish program charters, define and configure specialized analytics categories, create scores and key performance indices, set-up reporting frequency and notifications subscriptions, and contribute to senior-level communications.

Why Use Speech Analytics?

  • Performance Management

    Eureka automates Performance Management and Quality Monitoring, analyzing and scoring every contact automatically, and providing direct and continuous feedback to contact center managers, supervisors, and agents.

  • Risk and Compliance

    Reduce corporate risk by automatically analyzing contacts for compliance – making sure your agents are saying things they should say and not saying things they shouldn’t.

  • Sales Effectiveness

    Raise topline revenue by applying the principals of automated performance management to a sales focused contact center. Discover behaviors of successful sales agents, create scores leveraging these behaviors, and provide automatic feedback directly to all agents.

  • Customer Experience & Customer Satisfaction

    Measure and improve customer experience and customer satisfaction across 100% of your contacts to raise net promoter score, reduce customer effort, and improve customer retention.

  • Contact Center Efficiency

    Improve service levels and reduce costs of operation leveraging analytics to improve call routing and your IVR, reduce repeat calls, and optimize average handle time.

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